Why Send Them to Our Cooking Class?

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Why Send Them to Our Cooking Class?

Post by sangmaya on Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:01 am

Cooking Class at Gigglytown.
1. Through cooking, kids learn about nutrition and healthy eating.
2. Helps boost their self esteem.
3. Create bonding among friends and family
4. Instilling confidence in making new friends.
5. Kids tend to want to eat what they make.
6. Cooking will help reinforce science, language, math and creativity.
7. Cooking is a very necessary life skill to learn.
8. They learn about being in charge, making choices and the responsibilities attached
9. Teamwork and planning
10. Cooking allows room for them to practice creativity and imagination.

Call us to enquire. 0122967906 Maria

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