Streamyx Super Upgrade Deal FREE 4 Months Subscription

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Streamyx Super Upgrade Deal FREE 4 Months Subscription Empty Streamyx Super Upgrade Deal FREE 4 Months Subscription

Post by jackboy on Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:02 pm

Experience higher speed with our Super Upgrade Deals. You get to enjoy FREE
upgrade to next speed for 4 months! From the 5th month onwards, you
only pay an additional fee as low as RM5 per month on your current

Combo Smart Savers Plan.

Speed.......2 year monthly Fee

384 kbps...RM58

512 kbps...RM85

1 Mbps......RM105

2 Mbps......RM135

4 Mbps......RM155


* FREE Wireless modem with 12 months warranty

* Dynamic IP

* 1 email account

* Unlimited Internet access.

* Inclusive of TM Homeline rental

*Streamyx Combo is a package offering and no separate charge for TM fixed line rental

Add On

1. Voice Plan (choose any one).


* Unlimited nationwide calls to any TM Fixed Line number.

* FREE 60 minutes/month calls to any mobile and other fixed line number.

* FLAT RATE 25 sen/minutes calls to any mobile and other fixed line number.

2. Family Package ( Pick one or both).


* The Star.

* MMO Games-Rose.

* B-Smart Kidz Education.

3. Value Added Services (Must have).

RM3/month Internet Security - Basic.

* Online Guide.

* Virus Shield & Anti-spamming.

RM8/month Internet Security - Premium.

* Online Guide.

* Virus Shield & Anti-spamming.

* Xfilter E-scan.

Terms & Conditions

1. Promotion is applicable for RESIDENTIAL customers and UPGRADE application only.

2. This promotion is only applicable for existing Streamyx customers who have served a minimum period of 1 year

3. The minimum subscription period of 24 MONTHS will be applicable upon successful application to the new speed.

4. Promotion is only applicable for customers subscribing to unlimited hours packages.

5. For customers subscribing to lower speed packages (384kbps or
512kbps), only lateral speed upgrade are allowed.( E.g. Streamyx
Standard packages with modem to Streamyx Standard packages with modem,
Streamyx Combo to Streamyx Combo, Wifi@Home to Wifi@Home)

6. For upgrading to 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps, the new package is with modem.

7. No new modem will be given to customers upgrading to 512 kbps or 1 Mbps.

8. Upgrading to 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps is subject to availability and technical testing.

9. Promotion is not applicable for existing Broadband PC and Home,
Hop & Away customers who are still bound to the existing contract.

10. Customers who have subscribed to Smart Savers plan are not eligible to enjoy this offer.

11. If customer terminates Streamyx service within minimum
subscription period of 24 months, an administrative fee of RM350 will
be charged to customerís bill.

12. Streamyx Terms & Conditions apply.



TM Authorized Streamyx Reseller.



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